I was there,Gandalf…

”-Isildur, we need to destroy it!

-You gonna drag this shit on the top of the mountain?


I was there the day the strength of Men failed…


Fact: Pansexuals have a close relation to Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, sexuality, war, death, beauty, fertility, and seiðr, a form of Norse sorcery. They do not have all of their relative’s powers, but, like Freyja, they will cry red gold instead of normal tears. All pansexuals go to her field, Fólkvangr, when they die. I strongly recommend consulting pansexuals on matters of love and fertility due to this relation.


The Disney artist who did the castle in Beauty and the Beast and a bunch of other movies looked at my art and said it was good and he wants to talk to me about working on something. I don’t know what it is yet but I just









Don’t worry, most of the professional people in the world start out mediocre and get okay……and then when they’re like 65 they’re finally an expert.
I’m only saying this cause I have talked to experts about being expert and stuff. 

And the younger people that have just come professionals that I’ve talked to? Just know that they have fun doing things and are like, “UH…. I GUESS…..I AM PROFESSIONAL NOW?????” 

And the younger teachers I’ve asked for guidance about knowing what you want to do? Have no clue that what they’re doing is what they want to do, they’re just doing it because at the moment it’s fun and the pay works out and they enjoy it and they’re good at it. 

What you are experiencing is pretty much what most art kids in school are experiencing. But if you don’t get out and do it and get used to it you’ll never get better. 

I think you’ll do splendidly. But I’m biased I suppose, because I’ve been slowly forcing your comic onto all of my friends so we can gush over it.

You might not know what you’re doing, but it’s a step forwards!

Yes, they are elves,” Legolas said. “and they say that you breathe so loud they could shoot you in the dark.”

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One doughnut ring to rule them all…


One doughnut ring to rule them all…

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oops, my hand slipped and drew Nuinedil as a merman

oops, my hand slipped and drew Nuinedil as a merman




“I want to have your talent, i wish i had your skills.”
“How are you so good at art, how did you get this good”

I get those questions countless times, and almost everyday and i almost always answer with the same phrase, 5% talent, 95% work. Let me tell you my secret of being an artist.

Look at the pictures up there, do these look like schoolbooks to you? no? exactly!
Those are the sketchbooks, and piles of paper i had drawn in and on the last four years, and those don’t even include bigger paper sizes and the drawings in my notebooks from when i still went to school.
quite a lot hm?

What i want to say with those is that the greatest advice i can give for becoming a better artist is simple: pracise. hell, practise your ass off! Draw until your pencil blows smoke and your hand hurts and your brain actually gets out of ideas.
I’ve been spending a lot of my time and put my whole heart in my art back then, and i still do, art is my passion and greatest way of expressing myself.
What helps me most for improving and getting inspired is going to places where i could find inspiration, this can be a bigger city where you can observe people and buildings, observing the night sky while taking a walk through your hometown, visit and explore ruins of ancient builings, ravines, mountains, or simply spend some time in woods with a stream nearby and where you can hear the soft rustling of the leaves. 

Open your mind for the things around you, try to understand them instead of avoiding the different and suspect. Talk to other artists about their experiences and lifes, experiment with things and different media.

Make up stories in your mind, write them down, give them a life with characters with unique personalities. I, for my part, have written quite a few stories and made a lot of characters, and created three whole universes with different concepts till now. 
That is a great way to create inspiration through yourself.

The important thing is to believe in yourself. 
Accept the fact that there will always be someone better, or at least someone you will look up to as artist, but remember to not look at them with envy, i promise you will not come very far when getting frustrated about someone else being better than you in your opinion.
And age is not a factor here, everyone has a different way and speed of learning.

But i also promise that there will be people who look up to you, and with each step you make, with each tiny thing you learn, there will be more, and the ones already here will admire your art even more.

And remember, you will always learn.
There is no limit in learning about different concepts, styles, ways of lining, sketching, colouring, different methods of art! maybe you enjoy grafitti more? maybe sculptures are your thing? maybe carving little figurines into pencils is your thing! Everyhing is possible, as long as you believe in youself!

And the best thing is, you can always get better and improve youself, there are literally endless possibilities, and there is no border as long as you have an open mind and are eager to experience the new.

An artist is not born with talent. 

An artist learns their talent through their open mind and will to learn and grow.

All of this.  When people tell me they wish they could draw, I always tel them ” You can! Everyone can” It just takes a ton of practice and a ton of effort and a ton of dedication. Its like any other skill. No one is born a great plumber, no one is born with the ability to write a 500 page novel, no one is born with the ability to do insane math with huge numbers. Like with every skill, soem maybe be born a bit better then average at a skill. They may learn quicker and become better faster. But anyoen can do it.  And the only way to improve, at art and at anything is to practice practice practice til you cannot physically continue.  You will have moments of clarity in your work when you feel super confident and great about what you have acomplished and you will have moments where you want to burn it all and quit. And soem people will. not everyone has the dedicationa nd drive to become ‘talented’ at something.  but those who do will continue and learn from their mistakes and get better and better.

Talent isnt some sort of mystical power that creates prodigies. It is the result of years of time, patience, and practice.
And if you want it enough you will succeed in the end.

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